Why Camp Connect?

We are “STEAMing our way into the future,” as we introduce, immerse and connect campers to the world of Urban Design & Community Development. Exciting, interactive, academic (Common Core integration) and skill building activities challenge campers to be the face of innovative change and fresh ideas. Join us this summer for a unique STEAMcation (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) Project Based and Social Learning experience. Campers will be tasked with fun integrated learning challenges which will:

  • Sharpen their focus

  • Use Common Core Integration to solidify decisions

  • Influence developmental, economic, social and environmental transformation and growth for “their city.”


For example campers will:

  • “Rock the Block”, an activity designed to introduce them to the smallest part of their community. With senses on high alert, campers will go on a scavenger hunt designed to stimulate them and build consciousness of how their immediate surroundings connect them to the larger community. Each activity can stand alone or connect to the other activities.


Campers will stretch their imaginations and engage all senses, in a fun, creative and innovative process. When young people learn through intentional project play integrated with entrepreneurial tasks, they secure the necessary life links to navigate their future in a way that is emotionally intelligent with positive impact.

Campers will envision, write and implement a comprehensive plan for the development, design and the build of their “own city.” Campers will hear from various movers and shakers in our local community as well as connect to others globally. Our facilitators coach campers on how to develop real world skills in:

  • Decision Making

  • Logical Thinking

  • Problem Solving

  • 21st Century Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship Skills

  • Social Emotional Intelligence     



                                                             STEAMing our way into the future…


Here at Camp Connect we harness “kid power” to do extraordinary things! Holistic, happy, safe and productive communities start with its’ citizens. Young people have a desire to cultivate an understanding of who they are as citizens, what their responsibility is, when their responsibility starts, where do they go to gain understanding and why their opinion counts.

The voices of young people represent a segment of the population who are an active part now, of the development of future cities and communities which require intelligent, smart and sustainable design and infrastructure.  Campers will learn how city planners, mayors, doctors, lawyers, big box business, architects, bus drivers, entrepreneurs and more plan and connect to their community.

Weekly Cost:

Full Day: $199

Half Day: 139

* Sibling Discounts!