Little Moments

Life is about moments. It’s about watching your child ride a bike without training wheels for the first time, having a meaningful conversation at the dinner table, or going for a walk in the evening to catch fireflies. But, I realized that these moments became fewer as our lives got busier.

Homework Central Facility

It’s no secret that our kids’ lives are more complicated than ever. Multiple extra curricular activities and an ever-increasing homework load have squeezed every possible minute out of the day, leaving no time for life’s precious moments. Does this mean that we’re doing anything wrong as parents by giving our children endless opportunities? Have our schools failed us with a rigorous education? No. So how can we adjust to life’s growing demands and get those little moments back?

We need to simplify how we approach the day.

I started Homework Central because of this “crunched for time” problem, and it’s a problem we all have. To stretch our 24-hour day, most of us ask for help with everyday tasks, like landscaping, house cleaning, and filing our taxes. But why don’t we have the same kind of help for our kids’ homework? As parents, we can all agree our children’s education comes first. That’s why we will do anything to make sure they’re getting the help they need or the extra challenge they’re ready for.

Homework Central won’t give your family an extra four hours of quality time a day, but we can make life a little more manageable. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your child is taking positive strides towards lifelong success. Imagine an evening without helping your children with schoolwork while trying to get the dinner on the table or while driving to soccer practice.

If I can make this difference in your family’s life, then I will have accomplished my goal.

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