Our Programs


At Homework Central, we believe that every student deserves the attention and encouragement they need to develop skills for lifelong learning. We believe in a homework experience that focuses on quality– quality time for a quality education.

Whether you're enrolled in our Virtual Program or at our creative learning facility, our education specialists work one-on-one with your child to complete and master assignments, and also make recommendations based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Through personal attention and alternative learning opportunities, our goal is to inspire an interest in learning in every child. At Homework Central, we offer a learning experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Daily After School Care
Leave all the time-consuming homework to Homework Central. Our After Care Program starts directly after school and goes until 6:30 PM. Homework Help is our emphasis, and we incorporate Milestone test prep and provide transportation service to get students from school to our center.

One-on-one Tutoring

Get personalized attention and the added comfort from working one-on-one with your tutor. Students can benefit from the personal interaction that this type of tutoring provides. Some students need more one-on-one time with their tutor so that they can master the concepts in a personalized manner.

Group Tutoring

Small Group tutoring is available to all students. Group sizes are 3 to 5 students. Students benefit from peer learning and interacting as they build skills and solve problems together. They work together to solve difficult math problems that might be challenging for the students individually.

Share the cost of your tutor, and learn not just from the tutor, but from all the other students in your small group.

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Adult Programs
Allow us to serve the whole family. Morning programs and after school programs are available at Homework Central. We have designed adult classes so you can keep your certifications current and improve your business and communication skills. Classes are offered in the mornings, evenings after work, and sometimes on weekends.