Pre-K Explorers 


Welcome to Pre-K Explorers at Homework Central! The preschool years are the key ages of exploration, passing through many critical stages. Learning from ages 4 to five is a discovery of new adventures; taking on new challenges and rapid growth beyond belief. At this stage, a child’s capacity for learning is faster than any other time of life, and the groundwork for learning development is vitally important to their future learning achievement.

Pre-K Explorers will provide a high quality education grounded in faith-based principles that focus on the whole child. The goal of the Pre-K Explorers program is to support your child’s success with new adventures and challenges, as an opportunity for growth. Through the promotion of a strong sense of self awareness and cultural proficiency they will connect to their purpose in the world around them!

Pre-K Explorers goal is to support your child’s learning success by:

  • Mapping out New Adventures at the speed of childhood!

  • Being a Compass of Fluidity  in all areas of learning

    • Gross Motor & Fine Motor Skills

    • language Skills

    • Cognitive Skills

    • Social/Emotional Skills

    • Self Help/Adaptive Skills

    • Moral & Values Skills

  • Magnify New Areas of imagination through structured and unstructured play.

  • A Telescope that Enlightens kids in the ABC’s of learning in all academic domains.

  • Children will be Kindergarten ready & leave with a foundation and love of reading, writing and arithmetic at the end of their time at Pre-K Explorers.

  •  Provide other Tools for Exploration and Creativity which increases a child’s IQ, EQ and DQ and CQ (Intelligence, Emotional, Digital and Cultural Quotient).