Virtual Homework Help & Tutoring

Homework Central’s Virtual Program is an academic program that focuses on reinforcing subjects taught in a traditional classroom or virtual school environment. Students complete homework while supervised by certified teachers and tutors. We focus on helping to improve students’ understanding of homework assignments and projects. We believe homework doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

Educational Bootcamp - Virtual Platform

  • Math, Science & Reading Common Core Benchmarks from K to 8th

  • Distance learning Aligned with Common-Core Standards

  • Animated and Interactive Lessons with Quizzes and Games

  • Enrichment for Accelerated or Gifted Students

  • Online Power Drill and Assessments

  • Virtual one-on-one and small group focus 

  • Educational Interventions for Students Behind in Core Academic Areas

  • Assistance in fundamentals such as times tables and addition fact fluency

  • Study Skills, Organization, Planning & Research Skills

Reading Remediation and Enrichment

Our program includes Reading remediation and enrichment for students from kindergarten to Grade 12. Our Reading pre/post tests are designed to provide diagnosis. Programs are offered during the school year and are made available for students who need an academic program during the summer.

Mathematics (all levels)

Here at Homework Central, Math is covered at all levels. Students are tutored at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels. Our Math tutors are specialists in this area and have advanced degrees in General Mathematics and Statistics. Our lower level math students, grades 1 to 8, are also tutored by tutors that are math coaches in the school system. Our Tutors are qualified to tutor at the college level, and provide services to college students on the weekends and by appointment.

Common Core Math Boot-camp

Homework Central offers a Math Boot Camp program for students in Grades K through 8. We utilize resources that are specifically aligned to the Common Core Standards and that have been proven to increase students’ testing ability. This program challenges students to transform their basic skills to in-depth strategic and extended thinking in math. This program uses a hands on approach to master abstract concepts with mathematical games, foldables and journaling.

Milestone Prep

Customized Test-Prep tutoring is offered to help students achieve success. We prepare students for any level of standardized testing. We prepare our students in the after-care and tutoring programs to excel in the Georgia Milestone test. All areas of the test are covered; language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Tutors work with students to master all areas. Sample tests are given to ensure comprehension. We ensure preparedness for the next educational level.

Study Skills, Project help and Research

Study skills is offered to all students, which helps overall performance in all subject areas. Students can spend less time studying if they have the right study habits and do the right things. Success in school is due to motivation, time management, and good study habits.  Along with our Homework help comes our study skills tips. We help students to get more organized and stay motivated. Students at all levels benefit from this program.

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